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360 Chicago is located at the intersection of Chicago’s Loop and Lake Shore Drive. It is an ideal location for tourists, especially families. It is the largest observation deck in the world. You can take the elevator to the top floor of the building. There is no charge for visiting 360 Chicago. On top of the building, you will find great views of the city.

If you walk on outside of the building, you will get views of the lake. The building is two stories tall and has a total of 18,000 square feet. The building has four glass walls that are 22 feet high and 55 feet wide. The building has the following amenities: 2.25 acres of public parkland, free admission, 3D movie theater, wine bar, coffee shop, gift shop, and a small outdoor cafe. The building also offers a variety of seating options. There is an open-air terrace with 1,800 seats, an open-air lounge with 1,200 seats, and a glass-walled atrium with 250 seats. Additional info Chicago Foundations and Concrete Pros

If you are looking for something to do, you can take advantage of the free Chicago Skydeck pass. It is available to anyone who wants to visit the observation deck. This is a great way to see the Chicago skyline at night. You can buy tickets in advance online for the Skydeck pass.

Nearby Town is Butler Field, Chicago, Illinois.

You get an amazing view from the top of this high-rise building. There is a great 360-degree view of Chicago. If you are an outdoorsy person, you will enjoy this experience. You can see the city and lake from all four sides of the building. If you are a food lover, you’ll enjoy the food at this restaurant. This restaurant has many options available. You can dine inside, on the terrace, or on the roof.

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