Allapattah, Florida

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The area became known as the Dominican neighborhood of Allapattah after the Dominican Republic donated $10 million to build a school named after the president of the country.

The city of Miami is the second-largest metropolitan area in Florida and one of the top 15 cities in the United States. Miami is the most populated city in Florida and the fifth most populated city in the United States. The city has a large Latin American population. There are over 2.25 million Latin Americans living in the greater Miami area. Most of these residents live in the southernmost tip of the county.

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Many streets are named after cities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In the U.S. census, Allapattah had the largest Hispanic population of any neighborhood in the city. The majority of the residents are of Dominican heritage and culture. Most of the people in this area live in single-family homes and are either Dominican or Hispanic. A number of local businesses, such as the El Rey Supermarket, a pizza restaurant called the Dominican Republic, and a small hairdresser salon, are located in the neighborhood.

The area had been a black neighborhood, and the name of the neighborhood was a tribute to the railroad workers who lived there. After the area was condemned, the whites moved into the area and started to buy homes in the neighborhood. Most of the blacks had to move out of the area. Many of them couldn’t afford to move and had no place to go.

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Those who did move out of the area moved to other parts of the city. The whites moved into the area and started to make their houses bigger and nicer. It didn’t take long before those who moved out were unable to afford a decent home. The whites started to get rid of their black neighbors.

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