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Monument Valley Estates is located in Mesa County near the town of Grand Junction, Colorado. The Colorado National Monument lies about three miles away from Monument Valley Estates, which makes it a great location. There are several trails that lead to this beautiful area. For example, the Lunch Loops trail is just a couple of miles away. You can take the Lunch Loops trail if you are looking for a shorter hike. Other nearby hikes include the Painted Wall, the Navajo Trail, and the Little Hot Spring Trail. Monument Valley Estates has a total of approximately 1,700 residences. This is a beautiful area. You will be pleased with your choice to move here.

 The neighborhood consists of 3 sub-divisions: Monument Valley Estates, Indian Creek, and the most recent addition, Grand Mesa. Monument Valley Estates and Indian Creek were built in the 1990s, while Grand Mesa was constructed in 2003.  The homes range in size from approximately 1,500 sq ft to over 6,000 sq ft. The average home size is 2,800 sq ft.

When you visit Monument Valley Estates in Grand Junction, you will love how quiet and serene the area is. You can hear the wind blow and the birds singing in the trees. You can also see the waterfalls that flow down the mountains. This subdivision has the advantage of having a park-like setting with lots of trees and green grass. This makes it a wonderful place to live. The homes in this subdivision are affordable and priced from $100K to $500K. It has a very high quality of living. There is a golf course close to the subdivision. The community also offers a beautiful pool and a clubhouse. You can play tennis, swim, ride bikes, play volleyball, and exercise all year round in the area.

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The Colorado National Monument is located in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. It is a very beautiful place. You can take advantage of the trails and scenery in Monument Valley Estates. The area has over 1,700 residences, which makes it a popular place. It is close to the Four Corners, which means that there are many beautiful views of the Grand Canyon and other scenic areas. The area is also close to the Navajo Reservation. You can enjoy nature and the outdoors when you are in Monument Valley Estates. The area is known for its peaceful atmosphere. There is a golf course in the area. You can play golf on this beautiful course.

When you want to find a place that you would like to move to, consider looking at places that are close to a place you love to visit. If you want to move to a new place that is close to your favorite hiking spot, for example, you can find a house here that you’ll love. The closest town to Monument Valley Estates is Monument Valley, which is just a few miles away. You’ll probably be able to walk to it. You’ll have a number of hiking trails to choose from here. The Painted Wall, the Navajo Trail, and the Little Hot Spring Trail are just a few of the places you can hike at Monument Valley Estates.

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If you are thinking of moving to Monument Valley Estates, you might want to consider living here during the summer months. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities. You can have a great time taking a hike along the trails. You can swim in the lake. You can also go fishing and bird watching. This is a great place to take your family on a vacation. It is very relaxing and peaceful. You can visit the shops and restaurants when you are here. You can spend a day at the park or at the zoo. You can go swimming at the public pool or at the local club. You can also walk along the river. The views are breathtaking. You may even go horseback riding in the park.

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