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It is considered a suburb of Las Vegas, Nevada. Sunrise Manor has a population of 205,618 people. Sunrise Manor is situated about a mile from the center of the Las Vegas Strip and about 8 miles west of Downtown Las Vegas. Sunrise Manor is also a part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. There are two types of housing in Sunrise Manor, namely, houses and apartments. Houses are typically small in size and are designed with traditional architectural styles. On the other hand, apartment buildings are usually larger than houses and are usually made up of one and two-bedroom apartments. Houses are generally built with single-family structures. Apartments are usually made up of apartments with multiple units.

It was named after the Sunrise Ranch, which had been founded by the Las Vegas developer William M. Lascelles in 1887 and had been used as a cattle ranch since then. In the early 1950s, the Lascelles family sold their interests in the ranch, and the town of Sunrise Manor grew up around the ranch. In 1957, Sunrise Manor incorporated and became a part of Clark County. Sunrise Manor is home to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). It is also home to the Clark County Fairgrounds, a major regional attraction. The city is served by Sunrise Manor Airport.

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Today, Sunrise Manor has many homes, parks, and stores. This is the location where a large number of people live. Sunrise Manor is a very good place to live. There are many services and shopping centers available. There are also a lot of jobs available.

Sunrise Manor is located at 1601 S. Sunrise Blvd. This is the address of the city. The city has many great places to visit. One of them is Sunflower Park, which is located at 1600 N. Broadway Ave. This park has many activities. People can play golf here. It also has a baseball field, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. There is also a playground. The park is a good place to go to play sports. Many people visit the park during the summertime because it is sunny. It is also a nice place to go swimming. The city has many wonderful things to do. You should take time to visit some of them.

Sunrise Manor is located in the southeast region of Las Vegas. This is an area that is known for its high crime rate. This is mainly because it is located close to major roadways such as Las Vegas Boulevard. There is a large number of casinos in Sunrise Manor. These casinos attract visitors and provide them with gambling opportunities. In addition, Sunrise Manor has a large number of hotels. These hotels are used to accommodate tourists, especially those from Asia. The number of businesses that operate in Sunrise Manor is quite large. It is located in an area where many large industries and businesses exist. Many of these industries and businesses are involved in the automotive, aerospace, defense, and healthcare sectors.

If you want to get a house or apartment in Sunrise Manor, then you should look for a place that has plenty of space. You should also look for a place that has good security, a good location, and good condition. Look for a home or apartment that has parking space for your car.

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You will also want to look for a house or apartment that is close to a grocery store, gas station, and restaurant. You should consider living near a grocery store so that you can buy your groceries whenever you want.

Sunrise Manor is located in a rural area. Therefore, it is best if you want to live here. You can enjoy a quiet, safe, and peaceful life in Sunrise Manor.

There are four types of houses in Sunrise Manor. The first type is a detached house. This is a single-family house that is not connected to other houses. This type of house can be found in different neighborhoods throughout the town. This type of house is generally owned by a single person.

The second type of house is a semi-detached house. This is a single-family home that is shared by two owners. One owner lives in the main house, while the other owner lives in a separate house. This type of house is usually located in the suburbs of Sunrise Manor. This type of house is normally owned by a married couple.

The third type of house is an attached house.

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