Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, Illinois

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I have never seen a fountain like Buckingham Fountain. It is pretty and large. Millennium Park is a popular destination for tourists. The fountain is large and interesting. It is in the middle of Grant Park and surrounded by trees. There is plenty of parking. If you are going to take pictures with the fountain, you should wear comfortable shoes. You may want to bring a chair as well. You can enjoy the fountain while having a picnic.

This can be a nice place to spend a hot summer day. The fountain is not only beautiful; it is very interesting. It is made out of bronze and has a water spout. The colors of the water are blue, green, red, and orange. Chicago Foundations and Concrete Pros Foundation and Concrete Repair. There are three levels of the fountain.

It starts out as a shallow pool, then it goes straight up, and then it comes back down and flows into the lake. The best time to go to the fountain is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. At night, it is hard to get a good picture.

This fountain has been used for many events. It is perfect for photography. You can find this fountain if you visit the Art Institute of Chicago. This fountain is very large. If you are taking a picture with the fountain in the foreground, you will need to stand at least 10 feet away. A good way to photograph the fountain is to take a picture with the sky behind it. The light will create a nice contrast between the white fountain and the blue sky.

You will need to take several pictures until you are happy with one. You can also incorporate the buildings into your photo. For example, you can have one building in the background while the fountain is in the foreground. There is plenty of parking nearby. Discover More about Lakefront Park, Chicago, Illinois here.

This makes it easy to get to this spot. You can easily find parking here for less than $10 a day. The closest Metra station is Buckingham Fountain station. It is just a short walk from this fountain.

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