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Chicago’s Logan Square is a historic community area located on the north side of the city. It is named after the community’s first school principal, James H. Logan, who is known to be the founder of the school. He was born in Ireland in 1844. In addition, his wife, Susan G. Logan, was the founder of the Chicago’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They started the society in 1876 and it was the first animal shelter in the United States. Today, the society still exists and it cares for animals in Chicago. The society also has more than 3,000 members. James Logan was also the first director of the Cook County Tuberculosis Sanitarium.

Logan Square is a beautiful place with beautiful buildings. You can buy anything here. There are lots of people who come to shop here. There is also an art scene, as well as some good restaurants. You can get the best coffee in the city at this location. There are also several stores that sell nice home decor, clothes and furniture. You can shop around Logan Square for the best deals. This is a great place for people who like to shop. Many people come to visit Logan Square. You can also buy delicious food here.

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Logan Square is a shopping district in Chicago. It is located in the Northwest part of the city. The city has lots of different things to offer. The main purpose of the district is to bring together the best of what the city has to offer. You can find many local businesses here. Some of these include coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants. The city has a lot of interesting places to visit. You can even enjoy great views of the lake. You can shop around the district and you will find that it offers you a lot. The main shopping area is on Division Street. You can find lots of small stores in Logan Square. Some of these include bookstores, clothing stores and art galleries.

Logan Square is one of Chicago’s most popular shopping areas. It has everything from big box stores to small shops. There are also many restaurants here that offer delicious foods. In addition, there are also many art galleries and music venues in Logan Square. There are also many coffee shops and boutiques here. You can find great gifts at Logan Square. It is also a great place to eat. You can also shop around here. The prices here are cheaper than in other areas. You can get a lot of things here for less. If you like to shop, you’ll love Logan Square. It is also a great place for kids. They can play safely here. You should come here if you like to shop.

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